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The New AYC Forums

12 Mar 2024 17:03 | Anonymous

The Albany Yacht Club is excited to announce new forums. We hope these new forums will re-ignite vibrant discussions on boating, and we have packed the new forum with new features to inspire just that. We divided and named some categories to try to make the forums more useful for our community. We built this platform as a place for all our members and non-members boat enthusiasts to communicate with each other, share the unique ways you are using your boating skills, and learn best practices and excellent tips and tricks from one another.

Now, let’s get familiar with the layout. Under the main topic on the main menu, under - “Boating,” you will find four main categories. You can access them by clicking the links on the submenu or the links below.

Docking a boat: Here, we exchange our experiences, tips, tricks, and best practices regarding our encounters with docks. How do you approach it, what do you avoid, etc.?

Going Places: We all know that the Albany Yacht Club is the best and most beautiful marina on the Hudson River. But what other places have you landed? What was your experience? What other marinas would you recommend visiting?

Equipment and Electronics: Did you purchase a new GPS, Glass Display, or radio? What is your experience with it? Are you happy, or do you have some complaints? Maybe you are not sure why it is doing what it is doing. You could advise other users on its use and installation.

All Things Boating: Here, you can enjoy friendly conversations with other forum members and boaters on marine-related topics, boats, and boating in general. Your imagination and curiosity are the only limits.

Our forums are new and populated with just an initial question only. Could I challenge you to respond to one of those questions? Let’s get the conversation going.

Of course, nobody is perfect, so please give us feedback and comments on how we can improve; all suggestions are welcome.

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