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Ensuring Safety on the Water: The Importance of Vessel Safety Checks

3 Jun 2024 11:01 | Anonymous

Vessels passing safety checks are awarded a U.S. Coast Guard / Auxiliary Decal to notify various law enforcement and safety agencies that the boat complies with all Federal and State boating laws for the year. The best part? These Vessel Safety Checks are entirely free of charge!

The primary reason for undergoing a Vessel Safety Check is safety. Ensuring that your boat adheres to federal safety standards gives you peace of mind in knowing that you have the necessary equipment onboard to respond to emergencies and potentially save lives by calling for help.

If your boat doesn't pass the safety check, you won't receive a citation. Instead, you'll be provided with a written report detailing any discrepancies found and guidance on how to address them.

Going through a Vessel Safety Check annually may even lead to discounted rates from boating insurance agencies. However, it's important to note that all decals and safety checks expire on December 31st of the year they are issued. They also become void if the operator or owner fails to maintain the vessel's equipment to the required standard after the safety check.

If you're ready to enhance the safety of your boating experience, take the first step by clicking the link here. Fill out a short request form and submit it. It will then help you connect with volunteer vessel examiners located within 30 miles of your area. And we do have some of them as members of the Albany Yacht Club. They will assist you in scheduling a Vessel Safety Check for your boat, ensuring that you can navigate the waters confidently and responsibly.

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