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Docking north

  • 17 Mar 2024 12:33
    Reply # 13330720 on 13298025

    This response was submitted by Jim Johnson, one of our AYC members. Thank you!

    “The Hudson River at AYC has several factors to consider when docking at your slip.

    The river has two currents with a tide change of about five feet at AYC. The South current at tide coming back in can also have waves, including those that can push and try to go over the stern if you have a low one. If you have a low one while docked, you should be aware of this and check your boat often.

    The North current in the spring with winter thaw can be as many as nine knots, so you may have this depending on the South or North slip that will push your boat.

    Westerly winds also blow from the Albany side of the river. This wind, in combination with the current, can push your boat around.

    Also, there is no reason to rush into your slip. Take your time. Slow and easy win the race.

    If docking is a little rough, don’t yell at your wife !!!!!

    If there is a north current and you approach from the South, tie off your bow first, and the current will keep you to your dock.

    Similar is the case for the South current and North approach backing in. You would secure your Stern first.

    All boats are required to have a bow facing north in all slips.

    If you have a north-end slip, you approach from the river, bow north, and steer south. This can be tricky. Get out to the north in front of the boats in the north slips. Let the westerly winds drift you in front and back into your slip.”

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  • 7 Jan 2024 11:30
    Message # 13298025

    I am new to boating. Is there a reason all boats on the river have to be docked bow north? I am just curious.

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